16. Löwenspiele
Kommentare der Teilnehmer

Hallo Herr Klicks,
vielen Dank für das gelungene Wettkampfwochenende. Es hat alles wunderbar gepasst und unsere Kinder
(natürlich auch die Eltern/Betreuer) waren sehr zufrieden.
Franka Hubatsch
TSV Senftenberg

Hi Aksel!
First of all I want to say thank you once again, for your hospitality and your fantastic friendship. We are all so
happy to visit you in Löwenberg - and each year I feel, that we develope eaven more sportsfriends - also
from some of the other german clubs - with whom we talk and chat during the competitions. So we feel more
and more at home, when we come to Löwenberg - and our young participants loves it as well - and are already
talking about when we are going next time !! Eaven though they seems to be a little shy ;-)
Bo Rasmussen
AK Bröndby (Dänemark)